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03-13035 Trinary Pressure Switch

Male Trinary Switch


Low Pressure High Pressure Fan Pressure
Part Number Fitting Type Off On Off On Off Cross Ref Mfg Electrical Boot
03-13035 Male 3/8″-24 Normally open 15-30 210-250 300-350 35-60 200-230 71R7500 Red Dot 03-13037

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Product Description

How a Trinary Switch Works

  • Prevents the compressor from operating of system charge is lost or ambient temperature is too low
  • Stops compressor if head pressure increases to unsafe levels
  • Automatically resets when pressure drops back to normal
  • A shutter/fan override switch keeps head pressure within normal range by opening shutters or operating engine fan to increase air flow across condenser when head pressure rises above set level.


  • Install trinary switch on liquid side of A/C system between condenser and expansion valve
  • Compatible with R-12 and R134a systems