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    07-78000 SERIES

    07-78001 Series Remote Condenser

    Remote Mounted Condenser, Triple 11" Fans


    • Available 12 or 24 volt
    • 5 row multi-flow condenser coil
    • High capacity water resistant motors
    • High capacity built-in receiver drier
    • Total serviceability – no pop rivets to drill out when servicing
    • Light weight aluminum construction with stainless steel nuts and bolt
    • Includes large through-body grille for skirt mount installations


    Unit Number BTU’s Cool Air flow Height Width Depth Weight Motor Current draw
    07-78001-12 55,000 – 78,000 2300 CFM 11.25″ 48.63″ 12.63″ 65 LBS 3 – 12v 24 amps @ 13 vdc
    07-78001-24 3 – 24v 12 amps @ 26.8 vdc
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    Product Description

    The super high capacity 78001 series is specifically engineered to meet the unique demands of dual evaporator applications. The all aluminum housing creates a very lightweight yet extremely robust frame to support the extra-large condenser coil and 3 high performance fans. The internal drier simplifies hose routing and installation.

    Includes large through-body grille for skirt mount installations.

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