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    11-98210-A Electronic Scale

    Accu-Charge II Electronic Refrigerant Scale


    Capacity Accuracy Resolution Operating Temperature
    240lbs (110kg) ± 0.01kg /± 0.16oz /± 0.01lb or 0.1% of reading (whichever is greater) 0.01kg / 0.02lb 32 to 120° F (0 to 49° C)



    • CHARGE PROGRAMMING: Allows user to program desired quantities.  Before charging is complete, an alarm will sound allowing ample time to turn off refrigerant supply.
    • PAUSE/CHARGE: This feature allows user to stop and continue charging (using the 98230 Charging Solenoid Module)
    • TANK CAPACITY PROGRAMMING: Empty-Full tank feature allows user to know the amount of refrigerant in the tank at any time.
    • REPEAT: Allows user to charge previously stored amount.
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