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    701 ROOFTOP

    702 Series Evaporator



    • Available 12 or 24 volt
    • Three speed blower motor
    • Heat & A/C
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • Rubber latched cover for easy service access


    Unit Number BTU’s Cool BTU’s Cool Air flow Height Width Depth Weight Motor Current draw
    702-12 15,500 23,500 345 CFM 13.25″ 23.25″ 30.25″ 92 LBS 1 Evaporator\1 Condenser – 12v 27 amps @ 13.5 vdc
    702-24 1 Evaporator\1 Condenser – 24v 14 amps @ 26.8 vdc
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    Product Description

    The 702 model add heat but pressurization is not available.

    Our classic rooftop units provide the performance and reliability you demand in off-road applications. Rooftop systems provide a simple and efficient design by integrating the evaporator and condenser into a single compact package. Manufactured from heavy gauge steel and available with heat and pressurization, our 700 Series are rugged enough to meet all your rooftop needs.

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