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    01-49125 Series

    01-49125 Series Hydraulic Compressor

    Hydraulic Driven Compressor - Less Manifold


    • Available 12 or 24 volt
    • Includes heavy duty base, compressor and hydraulic motor
    • Used for custom hydraulic compressor installations


    Unit Number Minimum GPM Maximum GPM Operating PSI Height Width Length Weight Coil Volt
    01-49125 5-8 40 1300 15″ 14″ 17.5″ 42 LBS  na
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    Product Description

    For customer who need a hydraulic driven compressor but want to use their own manifold our 01-49125 is a perfect fit. Our design gives you a solid platform to add a customize hydraulic compressor to almost any application. This rig includes the same base, compressor and hydraulic motor that has been proven through decades of use in our complete hydraulic assembly units.