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    402 SERIES

    402 Series Evaporator



    • Available 12 or 24 volt
    • Four 2.5″ duct hose outlets
    • Three speed motor with remote switch
    • Preset thermostat
    • Easy servicing by removing top panel
    • Removable, washable filter
    • Steel case with black powder coat finish


    • See parts section for available auxiliary louvers.


    Unit Number BTU’s Heat BTU’s Cool Air flow Height Width Depth Weight Motor Current draw
    402-12HC 26,000 26,000 405 CFM 7.5″ 18″ 17.5″ 30 LBS 1 – 12v 22.5 amps @ 13.6 vdc
    402-24HC 1 – 24v 15 amps @ 27 vdc
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    Product Description

    The 402 is our most popular bunk/sleep unit.

    Our 402 Series is ideally suited behind the seat and has also found tremendous success in bunk unit applications. Teeing into existing ductwork or directing airflow exactly where you need it is simple when combined with one of our auxiliary louver assemblies. Each unit includes a remote wire harness and high capacity heat/cool coil with a performance tuned blower assembly providing incredible output in a compact package.

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