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    800-C Series Evaporator



    • Available 12 or 24 volt
    • Three speed blower motor – New Upgraded Blower Assembly
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • A/C Only
    • Filtered intake air
    • Easy servicing by removing front panel
    • Steal case with black powder coat finish


    Unit Number BTU’s Cool Air flow Height Width Depth Weight Motor Current draw
    800-12C 30,000 460 CFM 22″ 18″ 7.5″ 30 LBS 1 – 12v 13.5 amps @ 13.5 vdc
    800-24C 1 – 24v 8 amps @ 27 vdc
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    Product Description

    The 800-C Series is a cool only version of our popular 800 Series design. The coil is reversible for right or left side exit.

    Our 500 and 800 Series offer premium performance in a design that is easily installed and serviced. Removing the front cover provides access to all internal components for maintenance. The 500 Series is designed for road trucks to mount between the seats. A favorite in armored vehicles and larger cabs, the 800 Series provides the performance necessary to keep comfortable in the most demanding conditions and offers an available side mounted adjustable water valve.

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